Our Vision and Instructional Focus

Our Vision

At P.S. 88, The Seneca School, we believe in the power of collaboration between all stakeholders in our learning community. The students, families, teachers and all adults trust that “The Answer Is in The Room” and that as a community our greatest resource is each other. We are a school that shares one passion; the continuation of an exceptional school that instills a love of learning within the students and staff. This love will be introduced through inquiry and research-based problem solving. Students will learn through critical thinking, all the while strengthening their social-emotional growth through positive interactions and experiences. Parents will be partners and take part in experiences beside their child. The community will provide opportunities and experiences for all stakeholders. Together, as a learning community, we will provide each child with a rigorous, yet supportive foundation for which they can build their educational journey.

Our Instructional Focus for 2019-2020

Our focus is to meet the diverse needs of all students by addressing their individual needs and learning styles through an engaging and inclusive curriculum. To achieve this focus, we will be incorporating Advanced Literacies, with a specific focus on students access to engaging texts that feature big ideas and rich content. Access to these engaging texts and ideas will lead to rigorous discussions.