Instructional Leadership Team

Every Friday, our Instructional Leadership Team meets. The purpose of this team is extremely vital to the success of our students.

Team Composition

An ILT serves as a professional learning community and model for adult learning. Its members work together to identify instructional priorities and implement school-wide teaching and learning practices. Although the goal is to collaborate and come to consensus as a team, it is the responsibility of the school leader, ultimately, to make final instructional decisions. The ILT is responsible for leading the work of the Instructional Leadership Framework, including:

 Consulting with the School Leadership Team to ensure there is a shared understanding of the school’s strengths and needs leading to the development and monitoring of the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan;

 Selecting a school’s initial Instructional Priority Area as an entry point to the work of the Instructional Leadership Framework;

 Consulting with other school committees and teams (e.g., Staff Development Committee, grade level/departmental teams) about the school’s direction for the year;

 ILT members should also be key influencers and communicators that can speak to the unique context and organization of each school and possess the ability to share information with other stakeholders within the greater school community. Regardless of role and title, team members must be reflective practitioners who bring an inquiry mindset and multiple perspectives to the work, including expertise in various content areas and grade bands, data analysis and interpretation, culturally responsive-sustaining pedagogy, specialized instruction (i.e., multilingual learners and students with disabilities), adult learning, and social emotional development.

Weekly Minutes:

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