October 20, 2020


Join us as we celebrate Black History Month. The month honors African American people’s rich range of experiences, struggles and achievements throughout history and into the modern day.

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear Families,

We are happy about our Principals Book of The Month for so many reasons. This month’s book is ” The Piano” by William Miller. Here is a brief summary of the book:

Tia lives in a southern town in the early 1900s. The one thing Tia loves most is music, and she spends the hot summer days wandering around town searching for new sounds. One day she ventures across the railroad tracks to the white side of town and is drawn to the gate of a house where she hears wonderful music. Before she knows it, Tia has taken a job as a maid for the owner of the house. Although the work is hard for a young girl, Tia loves the music that Miss Hartwell listens to on her record player. She is also fascinated by Miss Hartwell’s grand piano and finally convinces her employer to help her learn to play. The two become friends as they care for each other and share their love of music.

The story of Tia is inspirational for so many reasons, and definitely something all students can relate too. Additionally, we are lucky enough to have an amazing music teach, Mr. Dumont, who is teaching us that music is a universal language. Some of the questions the students discuss about our book are:

  1. What is your favorite kind of music? Why do you like it?
  2. When do you play or listen to music?
  3. How hard are you willing to work for something you really want? What is an example of something you would work hard for?
  4. How do you learn new skills?
  5. Who are some of the older people in your life? How do they help you? How do you help them?
  6. What kinds of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Students are encouraged to think about the following:

Suppose Tia wrote a thank you letter to Miss Hartwell. What might she say? Suppose Miss Hartwell wrote a thank you letter back to Tia. What might she say?