Principal’s Message: June 2018

Dates to Remember: June 7-9th –Disney’s Will Wonka (Thursday and Fri. 6pm, Saturday 1pm) June 11th- Clerical Day (Non Attendance day for students) June 13th-PTA Elections June 15th –Schools closed in observance of Eid al-Fitr June 18th-SLT meeting...

Welcome Council Member Robert Holden to P.S. 88

We are excited to welcome District 30 Council Member Robert Holden to P.S. 88 today.   Robert F. Holden was raised in Maspeth and has been married to his wife Amy for 44 years. They have lived in Middle Village for decades and have three children and three...

"I'm Maggie Ramos, P.S. 88's parent coordinator. I have my own P.S. 88 page now where you can see what I'Ve found for you & your children!"

Please let me know if the narrative below is okay. Welcome back PS 88 Family! I’m so happy to see old and new smiles around the school this year. I'm planning a year filled with family fun and learning. Please come visit me, call me or send me an...

"The ease in which I am able to move around the room to assist and conference with students is a huge improvement from the old lab. " says Mr. Nolan

"Parents can explore the P.S. 88 website on the office iPad kiosk while they wait," says Mr. Quintana.

Story by Elissa Staib & Alexandra Kikolski, both from 4-408

Message from Senator Addabbo

Hello to the entire P.S. 88Q family. It has been an honor to represent you as your State Senator. As a member of the Senate Education Committee, and a father of two children in the elementary public school system, I hold educational issues as a...

In this month's Seneca Scoop, students talk about the traditional dishes that their parents prepare for them, direct from their native countries!

Oriz dhe qumësht (Albania), by Viktora Pepaj, Class 4-408; Shawarma (Egypt) by Maria Farag, Class 4-407; Zarda (Pakistan) by Zaryab Khan, Class 4-408; Pita/Pie (Montenegro) by Emina Sinanaj, Class 4-222; Couscous (Morocco) by Ayoub Elmouchin, Class 4-407; Dumplings (Vitenam/China) by Helen Truong, Class 4-222; Pierogis (Poland) by Victoria Dawidowics, Class 4-224

oriz dhe qumësht

By Viktoria Pepaj, 4-408 (re-printed from The Seneca Scoop)

I'm from Albania and my favorite dish from there is oriz dhe qumësht. This translates to rice and milk in English. I love it because it is sweet, high in protein and dairy! You simply make it by cooking some rice and adding milk and waiting for 10-15 minutes! My mom makes this dish a lot and it reminds me of Albania. I can eat dessert and dinner at the exact same time.


By Maria Farag, 4-407 (re-printed from The Seneca Scoop)

I am Egyptian and one of my favorite dishes is Shawarma. I love when it has beef in eat. You can also have it with chicken, turkey, beef, or veal. The beef is grilled on a spit for a long time. It is then put on a pita with tomatoes, garlic, onion, parsley, and green peppers.


By Zaryab Khan, 4-408

My family comes from Pakistan and one cultural food I like is sweet rice. In my language it’s called Zarda. To make Zarda, you need 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of sugar, half a cup of oil, half a cup of milk, 3 or 4 cardamoms, orange food coloring, slices of coconut, almonds, raisins, and dates. First, boil water in rice and add two and three drops of orange food coloring and boil it for 15 minutes. Then, drain all the water and put oil on a pan. Add sugar and cardamoms, also add milk. After that, you mix the rice after 10 minutes. The sweet rice is ready then. Fry raisins, coconut slices, dates and almonds in oil and put it over the sweet rice. It is so delicious!!!


Emina Sinanaj, 4-222 (re-printed from The Seneca Scoop)

My family is from Montenegro and my favorite food is pita (pie). I love it so much because it tastes good. My mom makes it at home and she puts in different ingredients each time including potatoes, spinach, plain, cheese, and meat. When the pita is done, it is warm and it smells so good. I love when she makes this delicious meal!!


By Ayoub Elmouhcin. 4-407 (re-printed from The Seneca Scoop)

There are many wonderful food dishes in the whole world. Well my country is Morocco and one of my favorite food dishes is called Couscous. Couscous is basically made out of wheat, so that means it's part of the grains food group. This meal is found all around the world but in a variety of ways. Well in our country it is important to include vegetables, but the main art is the meat. Moroccan people only eat couscous on Friday after praying in a place called a Jammah. When everyone finishes praying we go back home and invite friends and family members from our religion to join us eat this famous meal. I love it and so do they.


By Helen Truong, 4-222 (re-printed from The Seneca Scoop)

My culture is Vietnamese/ Chinese. There are many varieties of foods that I enjoy, but, my favorite food is dumplings. I like them because you could change the filling that suits you and I just love how they taste. There is a wrapper that holds the inside ingredients that you chose. For example, you could pick shrimp and small pieces of carrots and other ingredients you desire to put in. Other types are pork, chicken, and vegetable dumplings. You can then boil, stem, or fry them. Then they are ready to serve! I love dumplings!


By Victoria Dawidowicz, 4-224 (re-printed from The Seneca Scoop)

I’m Polish and my favorite Polish food are pierogis. I like them because they have a delicious dumpling cover to then. Inside you will find delicious meat or potatoes. Some people go to the next level and put berries inside. My Mom usually buys them at the Polish market, except on big holidays when she makes her own. Regardless of which you choose, pierogis taste delicious!!!