Ms. O'Shaughnessy, P.S. 88’s Interim-Acting Principal

Dear P.S.88 Families,  My name is Linda O’Shaughnessy and I am excited to introduce myself as the Interim Acting Principal for P.S. 88. I am honored and humbled to be selected for this most significant role, and elated to join the P.S. 88 community. I want...


ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL PROCEDURES   PRE-K ONLY Parents will stay with child on Wednesday and Thursday. Enter the building through the SMALL SCHOOL YARD PRE-K Blue Doors on 68th Road for both arrival and dismissal. Wednesday, September 5 Session 1:...

Back To School!

We are so excited to welcome you back to another school year! The first day of school for all students will be Wednesday, September 5th, 2018. However, the schedule is different for each grade in the beginning of the year. Please see below for...

2018-19 Supply Lists

All Supplies Should Be Labeled with your child’s Name and Class All students should have a school bag without wheels, large enough to fit necessary school supplies Please bring the supplies listed BELOW to school. Note: Keep additional supplies at...

Message from Senator Addabbo

Hello to the entire P.S. 88Q family. It has been an honor to represent you as your State Senator. As a member of the Senate Education Committee, and a father of two children in the elementary public school system, I hold educational issues as a...


Read more: IMPORTANT! Admission and Dismissal Procedures
Picture of Superman walking hand in hand with two children

Welcome to the P.S. 88 SUPERHERO WALL OF FAME!

In September, PS 88 paparazzi photographed these superhero dads, walking their children to school! Enjoy the photos from last year’s grand event.

Coop Tech Pathways to Graduation is hosting a morning of free services and information for immigrants. 

  • Free immigration legal consultations by New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG)
  • Health, financial and adult education information
  • Passports, Consular IDs and other services, provided by the Consulate of Mexico

Saturday, January 21st

9am - 1pm

The single best way to prevent influenza is to get vaccinated each year, but healthy habits and other measures can also help. Download the NYC Department of Health’s flyer to learn how you can protect your family. 

Download this file (stop-the-spread.pdf)stop-the-spread.pdf[ ]105 kB

At P.S. 88, we love to celebrate our students' achievement. Sometimes the achievement is for perfect attendance, sometimes for becoming student of the month or Ambassador of Peace, and sometimes for their excellent scores on the New York State exams.

Here is our photo gallery for those students achieving a 4 on one or both of the 2015-16 New York State exams:

Photo of parents enjoying a workshop

Hi, it Maggie Ramos, your parent coordinator. Do you want to improve your English but you just don't have time to attend a class? Easy World of English is a free, online resource that may be just what you need. Try it, and let me know how you like it!

The P.S. 88 cafeteria

Are you interested in being a parent volunteer during lunchtime and recess? Volunteers will monitor students to make the atmosphere more safe and caring for all our students and engage students in indoor and outdoor play. Look for additional details in a memo that will be backpacked home this week.

Image of different children

It's not easy being a parent. There's no manual to tell you what you have to do. There is, though, Parent Toolkit, the next best thing. 

Parent Toolkit promotes itself as a way to "help you navigate your child’s journey from pre-kindergarten through high school. It is designed to help you track and support progress at each stage."

Try it out for yourself:

Clipart of children eating lunch

We are pleased to announce that, beginning on the first day of school, lunch is free to all students in all of our schools, regardless of income eligibility. This means that all meals – both breakfast and lunch – served by the Department of Education’s SchoolFood program will be at no cost to families.

This announcement builds on the City’s effort to improve the atmosphere and experience for students in our school cafeterias.

Picture that says Growing Up NYC

Of course New York has a lot of things to do, but how do you find out everything that's going on for your child? I'm Maggie Ramos, your parent coordinator, and look what I've found for you!

Simply select your child's age group to find out everything you can take advantage of. Maybe I'll run into you at one of these events!

Photo of Mr. Tripotseris

I am the new Physical Education Teacher at P.S. 88! I am very excited to be teaching your children skills & health related fitness concepts, so that they are able to take this information at a young age and apply it to their daily lives.

My goal as an educator is to create an environment full of positive energy, so that each child has every opportunity to be successful and make progress throughout the year. Each week, we will introduce a new skill that will be our primary focus and your child will be able to take on challenging tasks based on their current skill level. Your child will be exposed to a wide variety of sports, which will also encourage positive qualities like teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship and respect.

I look forward to a very successful, productive and fun school year! Parents, please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or concerns throughout the year.

Hi Parents. It's me, Maggie Ramos, inviting you to our English language classes for parents, right here at P.S. 88. Download the flyer right below to find out more.....

Download this file (ENL Flyer 2016 RV.pdf)ENL Flyer 2016 RV.pdf[ ]395 kB
Photo of Ms. Dukagjini

It is with great pleasure that I am joining the P.S. 88 community! After having been a counselor in high schools, I am happy to return to my roots of working with younger children. My years of teaching in an elementary school have greatly helped to inform my practices with assisting students, teachers and parents so children can reach their highest potential while having a positive experience at school!  

I am eager to collaborate with the P.S. 88 team in further enhancing the amazing programs that are already in place as well as being a valuable resource in helping students to improve and feel successful. My intentions are to be accessible and helpful to everyone so I can be integral part of making P.S. 88 the best it can be!


Ms. Dukagjini

During the 2017-2018 school year, P.S. 88 will continue with the fifth grade departmentalization. For more information on what departmentalizing is and how you can support your child, please view the attached resource. We welcome any feedback you may have on your child's program thus far and look forward to working with you in making this initiative a success!

If you have any further questions, concerns or just need clarification on any of the information in the powerpoint, please reach out to your child's teacher today or you can contact Ms. Palesty

Photo of Ms. Ferguson

My name is Ms. Ferguson and I’m excited to be part of the P.S 88 community! I look forward to collaborating with you all! My philosophy in regard to education is that there is no such thing as one specific type of learner. Through many years of practice, I wholeheartedly feel that we all have unique needs and require supports to teach us in the ways in which we learn best as individuals. One way I achieve this is by providing multiple entry points for my students during lessons and small group work.

Change the Culture logo

Dear Families:

I am delighted to inform you that our school has been selected to participate in the School Mental Health Consultant Program and will begin to receive services during the second phase of the program roll out, starting this academic year, in September.

Photo of someone holding a phone with the SchoolFood app on the screen

What's my child having for lunch today? Are these meals nutritious? These are some of the things you can find out on New York City's SchoolFood app! Available for iPhone and Android.

Picture of a happy family smiling and looking at the camera

Achieve NYC: A Complete Guide to New York City Public Schools, has the most current information regarding the City’s public schools.  The guide contains: important dates, details about enrolling in City schools, who to speak to in schools when you have concerns, grade-specific learning expectations, transportation options for students, and how to obtain financial aid for college.

Read about it in your language! Click one of the links below.

English, Arabic, ChineseSpanish

Other languages are available here. Sorry, New York City doesn't offer a Polish version.

Picture of ABC blocks in a pyramid formation

New York State has set standards that each child is expected to meet. These standards are written in academic language to help teachers guide instruction. Mrs. Mendez points us to a more friendly version of these standards.

Picture of someone filling in answers on a bubble answer sheet

Students in grades 3-8 will receive number grades ranging from 0-100, instead of the 1-4 grading system of the past. A breakdown of the new grading system is attached here, just below. This document will help you understand your child's grades this year.

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Logo

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum's GOALS for Girls program invites you to celebrate science, technology, engineering and math at the fifth annual Girls in Science and Engineering Day. Enjoy hands-on experiences, exciting demonstrations and engaging discussions provided by science-rich organizations, colleges, and NYC public school students.

Picture of an emoji with glasses, reading a book

Do you or your child need glasses but they are too expensive to afford at the moment? Any of the several organizations listed below may be able to help.

New York City Universal Pre-k logo

If your child was born in 2014, now the time to enroll your child in free universal Pre-k.

Apply online:

Phone: 718-935-2009

Picture of a colorful pie chart

By Melissa Womble, Melanie Vasques, Victoria Varga, Asma Abdullah, (class 3-302) & Cindy Truong (5-410)

My partners and I (Melissa) did a survey with some students in grades K through 3 on what their favorite Spring fruit is. The choices were: strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, and grapefruit.

Picture of toxic water coming out of a faucet

This is a follow up to my December 19 letter outlining the additional measures the New York City Department of Education (DOE) is taking to ensure that the water in New York City schools is safe for students and staff.

Picture of a knife and fork with a plate with a lot of flags on it

In this month's Seneca Scoop, students talk about the traditional dishes that their parents prepare for them, direct from their native countries!

Oriz dhe qumësht (Albania), by Viktora Pepaj, Class 4-408; Shawarma (Egypt) by Maria Farag, Class 4-407; Zarda (Pakistan) by Zaryab Khan, Class 4-408; Pita/Pie (Montenegro) by Emina Sinanaj, Class 4-222; Couscous (Morocco) by Ayoub Elmouchin, Class 4-407; Dumplings (Vitenam/China) by Helen Truong, Class 4-222; Pierogis (Poland) by Victoria Dawidowics, Class 4-224

Picture of a mother reading to her daughter in bed

Our Bedtime Math workshop was very popular and a lot of parents have asked for the PowerPoint presentation. It's here, just below (in PDF format)

Download this file (Bedtime math.pdf)Bedtime math[Bedtime math handout]928 kB

By Matthew Rozowski & Mateusz Wargacki, both from 4-408 (re-printed from The Seneca Scoop)

My partner Mateusz and I (Matthew) interviewed Mr. Canales about the Daddy’s Club. Mr. Canales told us that he and Ms. Ramos created the club. He said, “We are trying to involve as many dads as possible.

A colorful three-dimensional bar graph

New York City provides families with quick access to important school data. Please click on the following link to view the following documents:

  • School Quality Review
  • School Quality Snapshot
  • School Quality Guide
  • NYC Environmental School Survey
  • Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP)
  • School Budget
  • N.Y. State Report Card
  • Annual Arts Survey