Principal’s Message: December 2017

December marks the end of the year 2017. Many of your children are very excited to celebrate the time away from school as well as the many holidays that exist in December such as Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Many Jewish communities in the...

"I'm Maggie Ramos, P.S. 88's parent coordinator. I have my own P.S. 88 page now where you can see what I'Ve found for you & your children!"

Please let me know if the narrative below is okay. Welcome back PS 88 Family! I’m so happy to see old and new smiles around the school this year. I'm planning a year filled with family fun and learning. Please come visit me, call me or send me an...

"The ease in which I am able to move around the room to assist and conference with students is a huge improvement from the old lab. " says Mr. Nolan

"Parents can explore the P.S. 88 website on the office iPad kiosk while they wait," says Mr. Quintana.

Story by Elissa Staib & Alexandra Kikolski, both from 4-408

Council Member Crowley's Contribution to P.S. 88Q

Council Member Elizabeth Crowley has served the communities of Glendale, Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood, and parts of Woodside and Woodhaven since 2009. Every day she fights for our local families addressing quality of life in the neighborhoods with a strong...

Message from Senator Addabbo

Hello to the entire P.S. 88Q family. It has been an honor to represent you as your State Senator. As a member of the Senate Education Committee, and a father of two children in the elementary public school system, I hold educational issues as a...

Story by Elissa Staib & Alexandra Kikolski, both from 4-408

 My partner and I (Elissa) interviewed Mr. Quintana on the new kiosk in the main office. He started by saying that the kiosk is a little machine that holds the IPad up and in place.

Mr. Quintana told us it can be used by parents as they are waiting in the main office.

Mr. Quintana said, “It is important as parents that do not speak English can still use it by changing the language. PS 88 needs it to provide parents information about the school and its upcoming events. Whenever a parent wants to see what their child is working on, they can do it by using the new kiosk. It is a very effective communication tool and the kiosk is in such a great spot for holding this useful tool.” Mr. Quintana jokingly told us he has to remember to charge the IPad every day!! Thank you Mr. Quintana for such a great idea!