We Are P.S. 88Q

P.S. 88Q is located in the heart of Ridgewood, Queens. Our School reflects the rich history of our neighborhood, and dynamically incorporates the community into our studies. Our building is a vibrant testimony to the history of our school, and the accomplishments of its proud alumni. 
P.S. 88Q is a collaborative community dedicated to the mission of providing the highest quality education to each of our students.

Central to our mission is a shared belief that each child brings to our school a unique set of abilities and talents.

Our highly dedicated faculty works closely together in an enriching environment for all of our students. 
Also central to our mission is the teaching of important community values. We encourage children to celebrate diversity, to respect each other, and to work together with shared goals. We recognize that a supportive environment is one that also includes clear expectations and academic rigor. 
PS 88Q is dedicated to teaching a coherent curriculum in a supportive environment, to ensure that our students will achieve their highest potential, and go on to a lifelong quest for learning and achievement.

March 2019

The Pay It Forward Program

Oliwia Wasik and Marina Sorial. Class 5-410

My partner and I (Oliwia) recently interviewed Mrs. O’Shaughnessy about the Pay It Forward Program. Mrs. O’Shaughnessy said, “The Pay It Forward Program is doing something for someone else and expecting nothing back.”

“Everyone in the school and outside the school can participate in the program.”

Mrs. O’Shaughnessy

The Pay It Forward Program is very important because doing something nice for someone, makes you feel nice. It creates a domino effect.” Many of our classes have already “Paid it Forward” to other classes. Visit the bulletin board by the elevator on the 1st floor to see what has gone on!!!