It was great to see and hear so many of you at our weekly Town Hall Meeting. P.S 88Q definitely knows #TogetherIsBetter. Over the past few weeks, we have discussed the model at our town hall meetings that works for our school, which is Model 2. Students will be placed in Cohorts (A, B, C) and will attend schools on specific days. In the next coming week, our team will be creating these cohorts. Having the most accurate data is so important, as we want to keep all changes minimal once planned. If you still wanted to opt into remote learning only, the survey is still open. It was originally said it would close on August 7th, but it is still live. If you are choosing blended learning, you do not need to submit the survey, only if you are choosing remote only. Families who choose remote only will have the opportunity to return during specific times during the year. As always, any questions, please email me at

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