PS 88Q Basketball Kicks Off Season

After their successful year last year, PS 88Q had basketball try-outs earlier in the year. Lasts years team was solely fifth graders, so the roster was empty! With over 40 students at try-outs, it became clear that basketball was something our students wanted ! With that many students, why not start our own league, with four teams. Twice a week these dedicated student athletes arrive at school at 7:00am for a rigorous practice and skills development from their dedicated coaches, Mr. Tripotseris and Mr. Nolan. To kick off the upcoming intra-mural games , our PS 88Q community came out for a pep rally. The entire team started their route in the cafeteria, proceeding to the first floor, second floor, third floor and then ending their tour on the fourth floor. They are definitely in shape for full court games now! How does it feel to get high-fives from almost 800 students? Here’s a look at it! #PS88qstrong

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